Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fantastic New Lanyard - A Must See!

Check out this Fantastic new ID Holder/Lanyard! It is made of beads of glass and crystal.  The crystal beads are in two colors, golden and smoky, to accent the other beads.  It has two fabulous accent beads made of glass, white with black and gold swirl design. This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for friends, family, co-workers, or even yourself.  Please visit us at Blue Raven Creations to see many other great items and gift items.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Beaded Badge Holders, Go to Work in Style

Many of us have to wear an ID badge to work.  More and more these days, businesses are using badges for security.  And if your job place is like mine, then you too have a "wonderful" picture that rivals your DMV photo. So we need to add a little STYLE and a little PIZAZZ to our badges. Handcrafted beaded ID Badge Holders are the way to go!  You can get them in many styles and colors.  You can even get them to match your outfit. Come and see our beaded badge holders at
Blue Raven Creations.  We have something for everyone.  And, we can do custom pieces for you.  These are great for Christmas gifts too!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finished Scarecrow Outift

   Here are few pictures of the finished "straw" in the scarecrow outfit.  I used four pony tail holders and lots and lots of strips of felt that I cut myself.  The felt pages are really cheap at a craft store or Walmart.  And since the strips that I cut were long, I just tied them onto the pony tail holder.  You can always place them on and trim if they are too long.  Now that Scarecrow day is over at school, my child has decided they are great to play with.  When she is done playing with them, I can take all the felt off and still use the pony tail holders. Now, if I could only figure out something useful to do with all of those felt strips cut to look like straw, hmmm......