Sunday, September 13, 2009

Not Just For Reading Glasses Anymore

Eyeglass Holders or Chains are not just for your reading or eyeglasses anymore.  You can wear your Sunglasses with them.  It is a great way to hang on to those sunglasses when you are out shopping, in the garden, taking walks or just out playing with the kids.
I am forever misplacing my sunglasses.  I leave them in the car, at the house, at my friends house!  It is very frustrating when I can't find them.  And even more frustrating when I buy another pair, only to misplace them also.
These very affordable eyeglass holders offer the ability to have a stylish way of "hanging on" to those sunglasses.  Add a little Pizazz to you sunglasses!
At Blue Raven Creations we offer a variety of sizes, colors and styles. They are super affordable!  We even take custom orders.  Come by and see us!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beaded Eyeglass Holders - Back in Style!

Remember when your grandmother or great-grandmother wore an eyeglass chain with her reading glasses.  I remember my grandmother working on her crafts, taking on and off her reading glasses.  She had a beautiful silver eyeglass holder.  Now, these are all the rage!  These beaded eyeglass holders bring a little flair and sparkle to your glasses.  And they are functional as well.  I can't tell you how much time I have spent looking for my glasses.  Now I don't have to.  I can simply slip on my georgous beaded eyeglass holder and have my glasses with me anywhere I have to go.  Even if I run out to do a little work in the garden, I never have to search for them.  You can find them in any color, size or style you desire.  At Blue Raven Creations you will find a wide variety of handcrafted beaded eyeglass holders.  We have a great selection of colors, ready to match any outfit or maybe just your favorite colors.  We even take custom orders.  The popular themes currently are school colors. Give us a hollar
at Blue Raven Creations and show some spirit; we can create an eyeglass holder in your favorite teams colors.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If I can do it, anyone can.

I needed something to do to take my mind off my crazy life and relax.  My husband would tell you that I needed a hobby so he could have some "hobby" time.  Although, I don't consider retiring to his mancave to watch tv or play the playstation a desireable hobby myself, he would disagree.  I started crafting again after several years.  I always felt guilty, like I should be cleaning something, or washing more clothes, or working in the yard, and the list goes on and on.  When I finally decided, I really needed my "craft" time for myself.  I enjoy painting, scrapbooking, beading, just about anything.  So in the evenings, after the little one has gone to bed and my husband is doing his "hobbies" I go to my craft room.

About a year ago, I looked at something on Ebay and thought to myself, I should try selling on Ebay.  After some research, well ok, a lot of research, I listed my first item on Ebay.  I am not one to jump into things quickly.  I like to research it, ponder a while, research some more, sleep on it, and eventually give it a go.
So after posting some items to Ebay, I found that I had a few sales.  Nothing that was going to make me rich, but it was exciting.  I found a new joy in knowing that someone was going to use and hopefully, enjoy something that I created.

Through a chain of events a few months ago, I found that I had to change the website where I hosted my pictures.  So I did some research. And yes, I pondered a while, researched some more, slept on it and finally found a place that I felt comfortable.  That was InkFrog.  They had a very small reasonable fee and many people had wonderful things to say about it.  I made the Leap, forgive the pun, and changed over to InkFrog.  I found that they were extremely helpful and inviting.  The support service was fast and friendly.

So now I have a new hosting site and I am happy with my little Ebay sales, when I hear of this great offer through InkFrog.  BuyItSellIt, associated with InkFrog, has a great deal to have your own store front on their site.  Basically, you can establish your own online store.  I began thinking "What a great idea!"  No more fees, fees, fees, rules, rules, rules.  I can chose what I want my own store to look like, what checkout service I want to use, and not have to worry about feedback. I know what you are thinking, she jumped right into it.  Wrong, I did some research, pondered on it a while, more research, slept on it several nights, and then jumped in.

Now, you have to understand that I am not your computer savy individual.  Sure, I can work on the applications at my job, work most of the programs on my home computer, but putting together an online store is all together different.  The BuyItSellIt group makes it easy.  They have the tools for you to put together an online store of your very own.  And the other sellers in the forums are such a great help.  They answer all your questions, even the dumb ones from me. Now while this was made simple, this was really a whole new world for me.  If you had asked me a couple of months ago about Base Feeds and SEO Optimization, I would have asked what foreign country you were from and ran for the translator.  But with a little hard work, some great help, and a lot of "research", I feel like I have come a long way.

I now have my store front up and going with several items to sale.  Blue Raven Creations is the name of my store, and by all means, feel free to drop by and see what you think. Any comments, good or bad, are helpful and welcome.  Good comments help validate us and bad comments are what we should learn from.  It is still a work in progress.  I have so much more to learn and understand and probably a lot more research and pondering to do.

The moral to my little ramblings is, "If I can do it, anyone can."  And look, I just wrote my first blog!