Saturday, October 24, 2009

Easy to Make Halloween Outfit

My child has to wear a scarecrow outfit to school on Halloween.  I received several helpful tips for other moms.  It is super easy.  I wanted to share these ideas.  Find an old straw hat, the older and more torn the better.  You can use a pair of overalls or just jeans and a long sleeve shirt, even dad's old flannel shirt. Take yellow felt and cut into strips to resemble straw or hay.  Then you can sew these into the inside of the sleeve cuffs and bottom of the pants, sticking out of course.  But if you are like myself and not a whiz at sewing, you can tape the felt to the inside or even hot glue it, if you are ok with never wearing that pair of pants or shirt again.  Another fabulous way to do this is to get four large pony tail holders.  You know, the stretchy ones.  Then wrap the end of each strip of felt around the pony tail holder and tack it or hot glue it to itself.  Then you simply slip it on the child's wrists and ankles.  This way you are not ruining the clothes and afterwards it also provides a great addition to their dress up clothes that they will add to any outfit. Get a bandana for a belt or around the neck.  You can cut out some patches of fabric and sew, glue or safety pin them on to make the outfit appear that it has patches.  Draw some big freckles and rosy cheeks on those beautiful faces and you have yourself a great scarecrow for very few dollars.

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  1. I lhope you will share a picture with your readers when you have him or her all decked out!