Friday, April 9, 2010

Setting up for Trade Shows

Ok, so you have registered and paid the fee for the show you want to participate in.  You have decided on your inventory.  Now you need to make sure that you have the supplies or items to work the show.  You can go to a show and have a booth with no tent. Always check with the particular show as some require tents and sometimes tents of a certain color.  The problem with not having a tent is that it often gets hot or windy or could rain and you are out in the elements with your inventory.  This is a personal choice, whether or not to have a tent.  I like the tent because it provides shade and protections for the long day ahead.
Don't forget to get your check in times.
Now you need to decide how to display your items.  Do you need tables, do your items hang and need something to hang on?  If you do not already have tables, you have to add in the extra cost of purchasing tables.  You may want something to cover the tables as well. You will need things like receipt books, bags to place your purchased items in for the buyer, tags to price the items, a money box, and of course plenty of change.  The cost can be quite expensive in the beginning.  But if you plan to be a vendor in several shows a year, this is a good investment.
You might want to think about a sign for your business, something to hang on your tent, or sit on your table.  Do you want to display business cards that direct people to your website?  This is a great way to advertise for free.
It really is a lot to think about and prepare for. 
Don't foget that you are responsible to your state to obtain the correct permit or license as well.  They do expect to collect taxes from your sales.
In all, it can be a very overwhelming process and quite costly.  But, it can be great fun as well.  You meet great people, not only customers but other vendors.  You can get really great ideas about displays and other shows from the other vendors.  You gain experience each time that you participate in a show. It is great advertising for your sebsite. Pretty soon, before you know it, you will be a pro.
Check out our "about us" page to see the shows that we are attending through May at Blue Raven Creations.
Next time we will give some tips on how to save money on setting up for a show.

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